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Project Description

Client:   Lucky’s Market
Location:   Fort Collins, CO
Year Completed: 2018
Value: $4,300,000
Architect:  TFF Architects & Planners

The Lucky’s Market in Fort Collins, CO was completed in March 2018. The owner preserved and enhanced this unique building to create a one-of-a-kind, not to be duplicated grocery store. The 25,050 SF one-story tenant up-fit was a welcome addition to residents of the beautiful college town of Fort Collins, CO.



The Challenges

The City of Fort Collins, CO is an environmentally forward-thinking community. Included in their construction standards are such things as recycling, energy conservancy, water protection and tree preservation. While many municipalities are commendably stepping up to the challenge of preserving our environment, Fort Collins, CO is well known for being especially rigorous in this area. In addition to being “green”, this building, and its site were a particular challenge because of their age and state of disrepair.

Problems Solved

Snyder Construction took on the challenge of environmentally aware construction standards with a passion! We stayed in contact with local building authorities to make sure we understood and followed the standards, along with using local trades wherever possible to ensure they were also familiar with these requirements. Turning a vacant, run-down building into a show-stopping shopping experience would be a challenge for any builder, but Snyder’s commitment to the project and owner meant a wonderful achievement.