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Project Description

Client:   Lucky’s Market
Location:   Traverse City, MI
Year Completed: 2017
Value: $3,000,000
Architect:  Cuhachi & Peterson
Project Type:  Tenant Improvement, Retail

The Lucky’s Market in Traverse City, MI was Snyder Construction, Inc.’s inaugural project. The 28,513 SF tenant up-fit was built in beautiful Northern Michigan during the winter of 2016-2017.

Local residents eagerly anticipated the new grocery store’s “Bacon Cutting Ceremony” (grand opening) on March 22, 2017. Snyder Construction completed the project in plenty of time for the staff to stock shelves.


The Challenges

This particular Lucky’s Market was going into a building that had been vacant for some time and needed to extensive work to be up to current standards. Add to that the challenge of working throughout the winter in a location that is known for its cold, snowy weather and you would definitely want to be working with a General Contractor that has over 20 years of experience like Snyder Construction, Inc.

Problems Solved

Snyder Construction is familiar with the unique challenges of retrofitting a space vs. starting from scratch with a ground-up building. We managed the project and all of its hurdles with an on-site superintendent who has extensive experience doing interior remodels. Our Superintendent was able to direct the subcontractors to install and finish items per the owner’s drawings and specifications, and ultimately, to the owner’s great satisfaction.